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Is the lumbar disc herniation cushion pillow useful? 

Is the lumbar disc herniation cushion pillow useful?

I believe that many lumbar disc protrusion companions and enthusiastic editorial. when sleeping at night sometimes put the pillow pad to the waist, expect to alleviate the symptoms of lumbar disc protrusion. so that the protrusion of that sector corrected back. but in fact after the pad instead of feeling sleepy at night, not very comfortable. so there is doubt about the effect of this practice. so lumbar disc protrusion pillow head in the end is not useful.

Is the lumbar disc herniation cushion pillow useful? 

Let’s take a look.

First of all, let’s understand what is lumbar disc herniation? The lumbar disc herniation refers to the protrusion of the nucleus pulposus in the intervertebral disc from the annulus fibrosus. which can be classified as bulging, herniated, prolapsed and free according to the degree of pathology. The nucleus pulposus contains water and is fluid, like soft jelly. It is displaced in different directions in response to changes in force. For example, in flexion, it moves to the back; in extension, it moves to the front; and in lateral bending, it moves to the opposite side.

So can a herniated lumbar disc go back? It depends on the situation. If it is a slight bulge, it can actually be made to return through some postural changes, and if the age is young and mobility is good, it can be made to return. But if it is protruding, or even prolapsed, free, then it needs to be treated surgically depending on the situation!

Is it useful to sleep on your back with a small pillow under your waist for lumbar protrusion treatment? In fact, it is not particularly useful. There is actually a misconception here that some of the treatments we perform are not able to treat the disease itself. but to correct the biological lines of force, improve posture, relieve pain, and improve functional capacity. A pillow under the waist, this is because some people lying on their backs, the waist can not be completely relaxed. often due to the anterior pelvic tilt, the lumbar spine protrusion is too large caused by the tense muscles are often our deep iliopsoas muscle. so when we pad a pillow, or lift the feet up, so that we can make our waist have a support, relieve tension and reduce pain, but not much effect on the lumbar protrusion.

So, if you want to improve this situation, how?

First, you can pad a pillow to relieve the discomfort of the waist, so that the waist can be close to the bed, sleep more solid. the height of the pillow should be chosen to sleep with the waist and the gap between the bed. you can get yourself a small towel rolled up. Or put one in the legs

Second, you can choose the supine position will be supported by the feet up posture, you can put a pillow in the legs, so that the lumbar spine curvature to restore some, the waist will not be so tired.

Third is to pull the iliopsoas muscle, the above two ways are passive. the main thing is the tension of the iliopsoas muscle. To pull the iliopsoas muscle, we use a half-kneeling position, the side to be pulled on the back, the body leaned forward. Feel the pulling sensation in the lower abdomen of that side, hold for 30 seconds, 2 groups.

Of course, I personally think that the usual yoga movements of the little swallow we can try more, for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation effect is still good, lies in long-term persistence.

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